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  My name is R. Danette Johnson. My parents (Mr. Sherry and Lisette Johnson) bought me a piano when I was 5 years old and made me stick with taking lessons. My Dad’s words were, “As long as you live in this house, you will continue to play the piano and take lessons!” (SIGH) I am a classically trained pianist. I studied at, The Wilcox Academy of music; in Brandon, FL. I was raised in the church. My Godfather the late Bishop Eddie Newkirk and my Great Aunt the late Mrs. Naomi L. Jones acknowledged my musical gifts and potential at an early age. My Godfather used to make me play the piano for Sunday school. I did not like it at the time, but his vision about my life soon came to a reality. I began directing the choirs at my church (St. John Cathedral) at the age of 12. When I was growing up, I was exposed to a variety of music. I played in recitals often. I am thankful for that, because it made me appreciate how music was made and where it came from. I have a deep love for classical music. It’s so beautiful, serene and powerful. I also have a deep love for Gospel, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Country…etc. I hold a B.A. degree in English/Pre-Law from Talladega College. I also hold a M.S. degree in General Psychology from UOP.   I branched out even further and joined the United States Army.  In the past, I felt confined when it came to my music. Grateful, but confined. God has given me the opportunity to share my music all over the world! I intend to bring a positive message with an incredible and unique sound. I HOPE THAT THE MUSIC I CREATE WITHOUT LYRICS, WILL CAPTIVATE LISTENERS. IT IS ALSO MY HOPE THAT MY MUSICAL CREATIONS WITH LYRICS, WILL INTERTWINE WITH ONE ANOTHER AND BIRTH KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE.  DivaFly®  

To Mom & Dad with all my love

"Love Eternal"

Reviews (Love Eternal)

"This is a soft and mellow melody. The music is on point, especially during the break when the vocalist goes into, “But I said no and rolled my eyes…” I bobbed my head to a jam that I thought was just another love song, then it revealed itself like an Oscar winning movie script. This is beautiful spiritual music and it would be my pleasure to promote it."

DJ Special Blend on Chicago BMS Radio Hip-Hop/R&B



DivaFlyMusic, LLC would like to welcome SPUNKY BLACK AKA Prince Igwe Henry! Spunky Black is the 3rd child of Item Bende L.G. of Abia state, Nigeria. He hails from the royal family of Hon. Sir. Igwe Jacon, of the ancient Akanu-Item Kingdom. Spunky Black knew from the young age of 6, that his destiny would include music. DivaFlyMusic, LLC has recognized his talent. 

Look for his EP titled, “So Fly,” coming May of 2018.