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Welcome to DivaFlyMusic®



Welcome to DivaFlyMusic®




  My name is R. Danette Johnson. My parents (Mr. Sherry and Lisette Johnson) bought me a piano when I was 5 years old and made me stick with taking lessons. My Dad’s words were, “As long as you live in this house, you will continue to play the piano and take lessons!” (SIGH) I am a classically trained pianist. I studied at, The Wilcox Academy of music; in Brandon, FL. I was raised in the church. My Godfather the late Bishop Eddie Newkirk and my Great Aunt the late Mrs. Naomi L. Jones acknowledged my musical gifts and potential at an early age. My Godfather used to make me play the piano for Sunday school. I did not like it at the time, but his vision about my life soon came to a reality. I began directing the choirs at my church (St. John Cathedral) at the age of 12. When I was growing up, I was exposed to a variety of music. I played in recitals often. I am thankful for that, because it made me appreciate how music was made and where it came from. I have a deep love for classical music. It’s so beautiful, serene and powerful. I also have a deep love for Gospel, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Country…etc. I hold a B.A. degree in English/Pre-Law from Talladega College. I also hold a M.S. degree in General Psychology from UOP.   I branched out even further and joined the United States Army.  In the past, I felt confined when it came to my music. Grateful, but confined. God has given me the opportunity to share my music all over the world! I intend to bring a positive message with an incredible and unique sound. I HOPE THAT THE MUSIC I CREATE WITHOUT LYRICS, WILL CAPTIVATE LISTENERS. IT IS ALSO MY HOPE THAT MY MUSICAL CREATIONS WITH LYRICS, WILL INTERTWINE WITH ONE ANOTHER AND BIRTH KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE.  DivaFly®  

DivaFlyMusic collaborates with Grammy Award Winning Producers and Grammy nominated producers for artist development. 

To Mom & Dad with all my love

"Love Eternal"





Award- Winning Singer/ Writer/ Actress and  Entrepreneur "Miss Storm" was Born in Northern Ohio. 

She has been singing and writing since the tender age of 10 years old participating  in church choirs and school plays.At 16 yrs old Storm began to travel to various cities across the country singing recording and networking with labels and artist.

Storm was selected to sing  with Gospel Greats such as Kirk Franklin and the Family and has had  vocal coaching from Grammy Nominated Gospel Artist Hezekiah walker before she was even old enough to travel alone.  Over the last 10 years Miss Storm has been labeled  a "Muse" to everyone she has worked with. 

    Storm has toured  with artist such as: Lil Wayne Crime Mob and  Lil Kim.and she has worked with artist such as:

Houston, Day 26, Destiny's Child, Shawna, Crucial Conflict, Bone and Keisha Cole to name a few of many .

 Miss Storm has been awarded numerous awards for her song placements with Labels such as:

 Universal ,Bad Boy, Def Jam and Motown before she decided to launch her production company in 2010.  

In 2010 Miss Storm Created "Earkand! Productions"  an  international  team of musicians, vocalist and writers. 

Miss Storm moved Earkand! Productions to Atlanta Georgia in 2012 and not long after Earkand! Productions was up and running the buzz grew rapidly about the eclectic Earkand! sound.

Miss Storm is a Serial Entrepreneur while Music Is Her Passion....

She is also the Founder of 2 Non Profit Organizations and is always "Brain Storming" on ways to help other people better themselves. Storm is humble kind and her smile lights up a room, although she can sing and rap up a "STORM" !

  She calls herself a  "Renaissance Woman"  that encourages Growth and Women Empowerment.

When it comes to her music... Glancing over her accomplishments professionally... 

It's safe to say: You will become a fan of her works if you are not already.



Official Trailer

Gunz & Roses 

Gunz & Roses





"Lifetime" Available 02/14/19



Do Dat

Kida The Great & Terin Thompson

Producer Tarin Thompson

Hip Hop Artists


Introducing Davion Luster aka DayDay_Dunkk.  DayDay_Dunkk hails from Chesapeake, VA.  and born in To

Introducing Davion Luster aka DayDay_Dunkk.  DayDay_Dunkk hails from Chesapeake, VA.  and was born in Toledo, Ohio.  He was raised by his Grandmother and started his musical journey at the age of 15.  Music is his passion.  He loves his family and his friends. 

 DayDay_Dunkk spits that fire when he holds the mic. 

DivaFlyMusic welcomes DayDay_Dunkk to our family.


Anitra Chery (pronounced Sher ee) is a contemporary R & B recording artist with the unique ability to connect to an audience by relaying the specific emotion of every note she sings. Her unique style is a rich blend of Jazz, Neo Soul, and Hip-Hop. Chery has been singing professionally for nine years. Anitra always sang around the house, in talent shows, and the church choir. Her vocal ability was discovered while providing vocals on the hook of a rap song, as a favor to a friend producing the track. Encouraged to pursue singing professionally, Anitra auditioned for the role of back-up singer in a local band. She landed the job as lead vocalist, and has been in two bands for several years. Her music fuses raw emotion with vocal depth.
Chery showcased her talent as a solo singer- songwriter with the EP In My Feelings, released October, 2016. A new single will launch Spring, 2017, and debut solo album is scheduled for release in 2018.