IFP 12/2018

  • Never Forget

    To all those who are being bullied or have experienced bullying...this song is dedicated to you!  Never give up!

    It's On

    Ready for the weekend!

    Point of View

    Fists up to the people! Fists up to the tribes! Fists up for my country! Fists up for my pride!

    Symphony No 7 (Le Voyage)

    To Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox, Dr. Barrington Brooks, Ms. Mary Jones and Dr. Roland Braithwaite. 


    "With dew drop lips and vivacious hips"

    Break Free

    20% of all proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight against human trafficking.


    It's way more than physical...


    When there is an explosion of stars, dust and gasses condense into giant clouds and form a NEBULA.

    Love Eternal

    To Mom and Dad with all my love.

    Been Thru It

    Strength! Stay Woke! 

    Symphony No. 3

    Pueri Enim Est Bellum

    (War Is For Boys)


    Stop glamorizing the drug game...it's a Trap...ridiculous..."Trapiculous!"

    DTong Radio

    Back 2 Back Play


    2nd Radio Interview with DJBankrupt

    Always a pleasure stopping by to talk with DJBankRupt on MMM Radio.

    Radio Interview with DJBankrupt